Anguilla Hotel and Tourism Association
           "Strengthening Anguilla's Tourism through Association"
Restaurant Members
Anguilla is known as the dining capital of the Caribbean and the restaurant members of the Anguilla Hotel and Tourism Association include some of the finest restaurants found anywhere.

Arawak Cafe
Arawak Beach Inn, Island Harbour
Tel: 264-497-4888

Blanchard's Restaurant 
Meads Bay 
Tel: 264-497-6100

Cap Juluca, Maundays Bay 
Tel: 264-497-6666

Covecastles Restaurant 
Covecastles Resort, Shoal Bay West 
Tel: 264-498-6801

daVida Restaurant 
Crocus Bay 
Tel: 264-498-5433

Dolce Vita Beach Restaurant and Bar
Sandy Ground
Tel: 264-497-8668 or 264-584-1155

E's Oven Bar and Restaurant 
South Hill 
Tel: 264-498-8258

Elvis' Beach Bar
Sandy Ground
Tel: 264-772–0637

Fire Fly Restaurant and Bar
Anacaona Boutique Hotel, Meads Bay
Tel: 264-497-6827

South Hill 
Tel: 264-497-5559

Gorgeous Scilly Cay 
Island Harbour 
Tel: 264-497-5123

Mango's Restaurant 
Barnes Bay 
Tel: 264-497-6479

Cafe Mediterraneo 
Cuisinart Resort and Spa, Rendezvous Bay 
Tel: 264-498-2000

Old Caribe Restaurant 
Anguilla Great House, Rendezvous Bay 
Tel: 264-497-6061

West End
Tel: 264-498-1616

Cap Juluca, Maundays Bay 
Tel: 264-497-6666

The Place
PO Box 31
The Valley
Anguilla, B.W.I. AI-2640
Tel: 264-584-6501

The Pumphouse 
Sandy Ground 
Tel: 264-497-5438

Pricky Pear Restaurant 
Prickly Pear Island 
Tel: 264-497-5864

Ripples Restaurant 
Sandy Ground 
Tel: 264-497-3380

Roy's Bayside Grill 
Sandy Ground 
Tel: 264-497-2470

Sandy Island Restaurant 
Sandy Island 
Tel: 264-476-6534

Cuisinart Resort and Spa, Rendezvous Bay
Tel: 264-498-2000

Sarjai's Restaurant
Meads Bay 
Tel: 264-497-6755

Smokey's At The Cove
Cove Bay 
Tel: 264-497-6582

Cap Juluca, Maundays Bay 
Tel: 264-497-6666

Straw Hat Restaurant 
Frangipani Beach Resort, Meads Bay
Tel: 264-497-8300

Valley Bistro
The Valley
Tel: 264-498-5100

Veya Restaurant 
Sandy Ground
Tel: 264-498-8342