Anguilla Hotel and Tourism Association
           "Strengthening Anguilla's Tourism through Association"
Benefits of Membership
Members in AHTA are entitled to the following benefits:

When you join the AHTA you are linked to a seasoned group of professionals representing all facets of Anguilla’s leading industry. AHTA and its members are committed to helping your business grow and succeed.

Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association Membership 
AHTA Accommodation Members enjoy automatic active membership in the Caribbean Hotel Association and benefit from the many services and discounts offered. 

Membership Discounts 
Through AHTA and CHTA membership, members are eligible for generous discounts at most CHTA member hotels and selected hotels in the US and Europe, and enjoy Federal Express and car rental discounts. 

AHTA Members Discounts Programs 
The AHTA has negotiated special "members only" savings with local and regional merchants. Check with us for a full list of Preferred Suppliers.

Government Lobbying 
The AHTA represents a strong and united voice in Anguilla’s hospitality industry and is influential in key tourism planning and development. Also, the AHTA works closely with the Anguilla Tourist Board, Ministry of Tourism and other Government Departments to encourage and promote tourist travel and its ancillary services. 

AHTA Publications 
The Association’s E-letter "Scoop!" and monthly Board Bulletin keep members up-to-date with the latest local, regional and international developments, programs and services. 

AHTA Web Site 
The Internet has quickly become a valuable marketing tool for the industry and our website offers an additional way to meet potential clients. Members are given a free listing on the site with links to their own web site. 

Marketing Opportunities 
AHTA Members benefit from regular cooperative advertising opportunities that allow for maximum promotion and exposure at significantly reduced rates. AHTA Membership also provides an important link to the worldwide market by providing the opportunity to participate exclusively in Anguilla’s Press and FAM Trips. 

Tourism Forum 
AHTA Membership allows members to become participants in Anguilla’s growing and dynamic tourism industry and benefit from a continuous exchange of information and ideas and worldwide. 

Training Programs & Seminars 
AHTA Membership provides access to regular training opportunities for its members in all operational disciplines, as well as educational training products and programs. The AHTA’s National Tourism Industry Training Committee is influential in the development of national training programs. 

Membership Endorsement 
A membership certificate and a window decal for display showing your commitment to quality service is provided. 

CHA Small Hotel Programs 
AHTA Members have access to all CHA Small Hotel Programs, such as the Small Hotels Retreat, Small Hotels Manual, access to the Small Hotel Committee industry related and opportunities provided especially for small hotels in marketing and training. 

AHTA Insurance Program (TBA) 
The AHTA is currently negotiating with insurance agencies to provide comprehensive medical benefits for members and their employees which will include extended medical and dental coverage at preferred group rates.